Invisalign Before And After- A real transformation

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You can make your smile way more beautiful than ever as Invisalign before and after results are incredible. This post will dive deep into this treatment and its shocking transformation. This article will surely help you to decide whether they are an appropriate choice for you or not. Before discussing its benefit, we need to know what Invisalign is? Let’s dig into it.

What is Invisalign?

It is the type of orthodontic treatment which uses a system of aligners designed from the mold of your teeth. The main purpose of using them is to move your teeth into a position by the pressure they exert on them to be in place. 

Invisalign aligners

These aligners have now become the first choice of adults and teenagers. They are constructed from comfortable BPA-FREE plastic.

During the treatment, patients will be given new aligners every week. The time of this treatment varies on your cosmetic goals and bite issues. It’s nearly invisible, so you don’t need to be self-conscious about it. Moreover, it is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry technology.

Limitation Of Treatment

Invisalign can address various bite issues, but its abilities differ from the traditional braces. Most of the patients want to know the things this treatment can’t fix as traditional braces do. Let’s discover it out. These are some of the cons of Invisalign.

  1. A severe overbite may occur while using these braces.
  2. Pegged teeth or short teeth can stop Invisalign from working efficiently. 
  3. You can’t shift rotated teeth into proper alignment through it.
  4. With the treatment, you can fix smaller gaps, but it can’t fix the larger gaps between the teeth. 
  5. They can’t be able to raise or lower your teeth into straight positions. 

What Can And Can’t Invisalign Do?

Invisalign can be a great way to improve your teeth’ position by making them straight without undergoing that tighten wires treatment. It offers a comfortable, subtle and alternative to standard braces.

We have a wealth of information for you to understand the difference between braces or Invisalign better. People usually raise some questions related to gaps and crowding between teeth, whether Invisalign is going to treat them or not. Below is some major question that arises regarding Invisalign. 

Does it help to improve the appearance of your jawline?

Before undergoing any treatment dentist try to move your jaw in position, and Invisalign may help move and change your jawline. 

But it’s dependant on the degree to which your jaw needs to move. Therefore, the doctor can use attachments and rubbers alongside your Invisalign to shift your teeth and jaw into the corrected position. 

Fixation of Crowding teeth

It’s frequently asked by the patients whether the Invisalign treatment fixes crowding teeth or not. Crowded teeth can be caused by diverse factors, from the early-stage loss of a baby tooth, abnormal position of teeth, or cleft in the palate or lip. Invisalign can address all of these issues by amending them through applying constant pressure on them. 

If you have severely crowded teeth, then it may require additional treatment. For instance, Removal of that troublesome teeth. It will work to align crowded teeth by setting each tooth up within a range of 0.2 mm with the help of each aligner. 

Fixation of gaps

Gaps are the empty spaces between the two teeth, and no one likes these gaps between their teeth. Invisalign can gradually fill up the gap by applying constant pressure from both sides. 

It’s not just about the appearance, but these gaps can be contributing to gum disease in the future as the food you eat will get stuck easily between them. So, we should concern our dentist as soon as possible to know more about the situation. 

These aligners are the quickest method in fixing these gaps. As every mouth is different and the length of teeth can differ, your doctor will take a mold of your teeth according to your smile size. You should wear this aligner for the relevant duration to ensure that the gaps between your teeth don’t reform. 

Does it fix Overbite?

Overbite, the most common dental problem which usually crops up among people. These aligners can fix it. Below are the different fixation of overbites depending on your age. 

  1. Invisalign Mandibular Advancement redirects the patient’s tooth growth, influencing the exposition of bite and jaw. This application is applied to children around the age of 12 years. 
  2. While doctors usually rely on other means for adults, depending on the severity, using Invisalign aligners can alone treat Overbite. If the case is more complicated than elastic, bands or small bars are used to treat it. These bands or bars are known as motion appliances.

 Ultimately, it is clear that these aligners can treat Overbite to a greater extent. 

Does Invisalign Contribute Towards Damaging Teeth

Here, we came to answer the most awaiting question, Do these aligners damage your teeth? If not used properly and your dentist hasn’t provided you with the proper instructions regarding the dos and don’ts, these aligners can severely damage your teeth. 

They are not painless, so it’s pretty common to feel uncomfortable and sore in your gums. You must contact your dentist if the situation worsens. You must avoid any other fluid instead of water during the treatment as it can get stuck under the aligner and damage your teeth.

Using it as a night guard 

It’s dependent on the severity. If you heavily grind your teeth while sleeping, then it’s not from the experts. While wearing them during sleeping, a slight grinding of teeth can result in damage to your teeth. 

Your aligner may act as a buffer among your teeth while grinding. At the same time, it can lead to the worse breaking of your Invisalign. It would have to be discussed on a case-by-case basis by your orthodontist, where they look at your situation and requirements and see if you’re eligible. 

Final Verdict

In this article, we have tried our best to cover all the major questions related to Invisalign. While the before and after the result of the treatment depends on the severity of your teeth and gums condition. We can say that Invisalign is not the better option for those who have the worse condition of your teeth. They must go with the standard braces. 

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