Drinks To Lose Weight By Speeding Up Your Metabolism

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Metabolism plays a very vital role in the body functioning. Its rate is also very important in defining the structure of the body. People with slow metabolism are at high risk of being obese as compared to the people who have high rate of metabolism. So the metabolism of the body plays a pivotal role in our body. Now there are certain ways to speed up your metabolism like eating right,exercises and of course certain drugs(which are not advisable). I Am going to share with you 4 drinks to lose weight which if consumed will burn your fat by speeding up your metabolism. These drinks to lose weight are having other benefits also like cleansing of intestine and liver.

detox drinks to lose weight

1.Rosemary and Grapefruit Drink


1 tsp of dried rosemary leaves

1 grapefruit juice

1 tsp of honey

2 cups of water


Boil water and add in rosemary leaves, let it infuse and then strain this and add juice of grapefruit and honey and mix well and drink it every morning empty stomach.

2.Ginger Green Tea


1 tsp of Green tea

1 tbsp of freshly cut ginger

1 tsp of honey

1 cup of water


Boil water and add in green tea and ginger in it and mix it really well or you can boil both of them and after that strain it and add in honey mix well and drink in the morning empty stomach.

3.Cucumber Water


1 liter of water

1 cucumber slices

1 inch ginger piece

1 tsp of honey


Boil water and turn off the flame, add in the ginger and let it rest in warm water and leave for 10 minutes after that add in cucumber slices and add in honey and mix well and consume it whole day. This recipe is for one liter, you can make it more with the same ratio.

4.Ginger Lemon Water


2 liters of water

2 tbsp of ginger

2 lemons


Warm the water and add in freshly grated ginger and add  slices of two lemons and drink it the whole day. 

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