Infused Water With Apple And Cinnamon To Lose Weight

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Detox drinks or infused water are in talk these days among the young generation to not only improve general health but also aids in many ailments including stomach issues, high blood pressure, kidneys related issues and increased weight. All these issues can be tackled just by using detox water along with proper medication and exercises. Main thing to keep in mind is that you should know which type of infused water suits you.TheĀ  detox water recipe which I am going to share with you is tried and tested and millions of people have benefited from it.

Apple and cinnamon water recipes helped thousands of people lose weight easily.

But first let’s have a look at the benefits of apples and cinnamon.

Benefits Of Apple And Cinnamon

A common attribute of both apple and cinnamon is that they both raise metabolism rate. Apples have flavonoids, vitamin c and b complexes that make this drink favorable for consuming during weight loss. Antioxidants help in reducing risk of developing cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

Talking about cinnamon, it helps in fighting diabetes, lowering cholesterol and relieves arthritis pain.

So let’s have a look on how to make it.

This recipe makes 2 liters.


1 thinly sliced apple

1 inch long stick of cinnamon

2 liters of water

How To Make Infused Water

Simply add 2 liters of lukewarm water in the pitcher and add cinnamon stick and whole apple in it. Cover it up for some time like an hour so that all the nutrients are infused in the water. Luke warm water helps in the infusion of nutrients easily as high temperatures cause the mobility of nutrients fast. After an hour add some ice in it and keep it in the fridge to consume for the whole day.

You can refill this pitcher until it loses its flavour.

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