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Whatever we eat becomes a part of our body but along with that it also releases toxins as by-products which ultimately enter into our bloodstream and causes issues in our different systems of body.There are many ways through which you can do body cleanse. Cleansing of a system does not mean that it can be  done easily. Different methods require different time and technique.

The one which I am going to share here is not only the quickest and easiest but also you will get the guaranteed results very early.This technique has been in practice for thousands of years.This is a different technique than juicing or a vegetarian diet etc. So the technique I’m talking about to cleanse your system is Cupping. This technique has been in use of people of different countries through different ways in different times but their main purpose was the same i.e to draw out dirty and toxins filled blood out of the body and help in cleansing of the system.

How to do Body Cleanse With Cupping?

In this method cups are put on the selected areas of  back of the body and they are given negative pressure inside of them and after that the top most skin of the area under the cup starts to arise and after few minutes the cups are removed and the skin losely settle down and then small cuts are made on that loosen skin and again cups are applied and negative pressure is given.

The blood oozes out of the cuts and starts to collect in the cups. This blood contain free radicals and toxins which are removed and you feel light and stress free. Cupping can be done for any disease and certain sites of the body are selected according to the disease and then it is done.

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