DIY Facial Cleansers Create Natural Skin Care Routine

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It is an established fact that Facial Cleansers are the first step in any skin care routine. You use them in your routine as well to remove dust or sebum from your skin and leave it fresh and young.

From  a very young age we have been hearing that a skin care routine is very important to have fresh and young skin. As far as I remember I used to apply store bought products on my skin without realising what’s in it and what sort of chemicals we are exposed to through them. I never once checked the ingredients or compositions and labels of the products. I knew I would either view it in a commercial or read about it in a magazine where it was a good product.

Ah those were the days……too naive and young.

Now with the time i am much wiser and aware of the difference between natural skin care routine and of those store bought ones.

If you are looking for a good natural DIY Facial Cleansers according to your skin type then this article is going to help you a lot.

Natural DIY Facial Cleansers

DIY face washes are way more gentle than commercially available ones. Basic work of face wash is to remove dirt and sebum from the top surface of the skin. If you are wearing any makeup then remove it as well. Now there are options according to your skin type, which type of skin you have and what will be suitable for you.

Oily skin is one of the most sensitive types and any hydrating water based face wash will be good. Now if you have dry skin then a cream based face wash will be for you. Here I am going to share with you some of the home made face washes which are gentle and more effective than store bought.

Cleanser for oily skin

Cleanser for dry skin

Cleanser for combined skin

Facial Cleansers

Cleansers are used for relatively deep cleansing of the skin. It helps to remove the clogging in pores. Dirt and sebum which accumulate into the skin pores can cause acne and black heads/white heads. So it is a very important step in the skin care routine. Cleansers can be oil based and water based. Oil based can be good for dry skin to normal skin and water based cleansers are for oily and sensitive skin. Here is the list for different types of DIY cleansers according to the different types of skin.

Oil Cleansing Method

This insanely deep cleansing technique is beneficial for dry and flaky skin. Now if you have dry skin and you want to cleanse it then an oil or oil based cleanser is best for you. You can also use any moisturizer which is oil based. The oils present in cleansers not only remove makeup or dead skin from your face but also nourish your dry and flaky skin. This technique is more suitable in winters.

DIY Cleanser For Dry Skin

Coconut oil is best for skin cleansing or you can also use almond oil. Another way is that you can mix gram flour with yogurt and almond oil. Make a paste and apply this onto your face and massage really well for five minutes then wash with water and apply any oil based moisturizer.

DIY Cleanser For Oily Skin

This cleanser is good for oily and combined skin…you just need some rose water gram flour and turmeric powder mix them all and apply this on your face then gently massage it and leave it for 20 minutes. After drying, wash with water.

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