Different Types Of Acne And Their Causes:

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So here I am going to share some of the types of acne, how they look and their possible causes so that you can identify yours and can take  proper measures to solve that issue.So acne is a nasty reality which not only affects the general outlook of a person but also affects  the confidence of that poor being. Many types of acne are there which are triggered by different causes or a single cause. Most of the acne is triggered by accumulation of nasty chemicals called toxins within the body. Some are caused by hormonal imbalance, some may appear due to stress and reaction of any food or chemical present in the medicine. Acne is also caused by not taking proper skin care regime. 

Different types of acne explained
Types of acne on the skin or pimples illustration

Black Heads

Blackheads are formed due to excessive oil production and along with that dead skin which accumulated in the pores. These dead cells and oil got oxidized as it was exposed to air  and turned black which due to poor hygiene turned hard.

Generally blackheads do not cause any structural deformity in the skin  unless clogged pore turns into blemish.

White Heads

White heads are formed with dead skin cells and oil which are entrapped into the pore and hardened from the outside and don’t get oxidized. They retain pale yellow or white and generally are not visible onto the skin.


Those white and black heads which become extremely clogged and skin bacteria enter there cause infection, form pus and are surrounded by red swollen skin which turned into a bump.


Papules are tiny red spots that appear onto the skin and they do not form a head, just small red swollen bumps which appear many in number at a time caused by skin bacteria under the outermost skin surface.


One of the most extreme and painful forms of acne is cystic acne. Cyst appeared under the skin which swollen up and turned red. Have deep roots under the tissue and no head. Red cystic acne is filled up with pus and causes extreme pain even if not touched. One of the difficult types of acne in terms of treatments and often leaves scars.


When papules and cyst starts to appear around your chin,mouth and jawline then this could be the hormonal acne. These areas have more sebaceous glands and produce more oils in certain times of a month in females. Levels of progesterone hormone rises and trigger the oil production during and before your periods. This type of acne can be avoided by properly washing the face with oil control face washes and taking proper skin care routine. Along with that your hormonal system should work right.

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