Eliminate Hormonal Acne : 7 Easy Steps To Follow

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If you are facing hormonal imbalance and acne breakout then this article is for you. It will be going to help you out in eliminate hormonal acne and hormonal imbalance all by yourself at home without any medication. In today’s world hormonal imbalance is a prevalent issue. To eliminate hormonal acne is definitely a difficult task but it is not impossible. So here is the solution if you have severe acne and other hormones related issues.

how to eliminate hormonal acne?

1. Add More Hormonal Balancing Food In Your Diet:

So here are five types of hormone balancing foods which are as follow 

Cruciferous Vegetables

These are  cauliflower, kale, radishes, broccoli, collard greens and cabbage.

Plant Proteins

Plant proteins have more nutrients and they also have antioxidants for example nuts, seeds, beans, quinoa and broccoli. 

Naturally Fatty Food

 Natural fatty food serves as a prime ingredient for all sex hormones and also adrenal hormones. Foods are rich in fats, olives, coconuts, seeds, avocado and nut butter.

Antioxidant Rich Foods

These foods have chemicals which fight with the toxins produced in our body as a result of metabolism. Blueberries, papaya, melon, orange mango etc.

Green Vegetables

These contain chlorophyll which acts as a detoxification agent examples are spinach, cucumber,kale,broccoli etc.

 2. Start Seed Cycling 

So here is the most popular approach to deal with the issue of hormonal imbalance is to introduce specific seeds in the specific phase of your cycle.

Follicular phase:pumpkin seeds and flax seeds

Luteal phase: sunflower seed and sesame seeds

Each set of seeds provides proper and required nutrients which are required in their respective phase and help out in regulating the periods. Although there is not enough scientific research in support of the seed cycling but it is a n old technique which has been in use since long and naturopath are suggesting it as a treatment to regularize females sex hormones.

3. Take Care Of Your Gut Health

Skin is the largest organ and also serves as the eliminating organ that’s why we swept. Same work is done by colon but on a very large scale. So what you have to do is to keep your gut clean by taking enough fibrous foods, and taking in nutrient rich foods which support gut health like bone broth or vegetables broth, and keep the natural microflora in balance by taking probiotic foods like fermented veggies.

4. Take Care Of Your Liver Health

Liver basically takes blood from the digestive system( filled up with nutrients that you eat)  then filtered it out and sent it to the rest of the body. So what kind of food you eat has a direct impact on the liver. Try to eat foods that are anti-inflammatory (turmeric, seeds and greens) and are simple to digest like vegetables.

5. Self care leads to stress free mind

Take out time for yourself as during hormonal imbalance people get stressed and angry easily. So one of the treatments is to take care of yourself. Any activity can be fun and relaxing when it is done according to the mood for example



Cooking favorite meal

Yoga or dancing

Body  massage

6. Use acne supplements wisely

Before taking any acne medicine you must take care of your gut. If your gut is healthy the medicine will be absorbed more and it will have more powers to treat.

Along with hormone regulating medicines you must take multivitamins and a proper diet.

7. Adopt a simpler and more organic skin care routine.

Toning and cleansing the skin is key to the skin care regime of oily skin. You must not let your pores clog, that could be the reason for acne. Water based cleanser is a good option for oily skin. That should be done daily and after that a good mild toner is applied to the skin. A cooling clay mask can also be applied thrice a week. After that apply gel based moisturizer. 

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